The Arava is a long and narrow valley spanning from the south end of the

Dead Sea down to the Gulf of Eilat. It is an isolated and remote place in terms

of human habitation, despite constituting roughly half of the country's length.

The desert is naturally imbued with the ability to create a sense of freedom

and arouse a nomadic instinct, instigating a curious process of symbiosis and

subsequent coping with symbiosis between man and nature, evident, among

other things, in construction that considers climate, wind directions, and

extreme temperature changes.

In all that sand I found another option for living. Different houses surrounded

by red mountains and fields of date trees. I documented buildings, moments

and objects that symbolized for me the concept of home. In examining

the unique desert living environment, veering from the norms of four concrete

walls and a roof, the question arises: what does "residence" mean? The

difference between transience and nomadic life to permanence is revealed in

the small details, in the signs of familiar civilization peeking through the

unknown and desolate background.

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